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Team Update

In August 2022 Maxilla City said goodbye Moyra Samuels (Community Director). Moyra was openly recruited by an independent panel in Feb 2020 and joined Maxilla City right at the very beginning of its journey. Amongst other things, she has created an important body of work which culminated in our recently published report on what local people need in order to thrive. Moyra now works fulltime for the NHS and has a number of family and other commitments and has therefore stepped down so that more young people can take up the mantle to carry the Maxilla project forward to completion. We thank Moyra sincerely for her years of hard work.


In September 2022 Cihan Cheron (Research Director) stepped down as a Director as she recently started a very busy fulltime role supporting women experiencing domestic violence. Cihan also has a young family and other volunteer roles so did not have the capacity to continue as a Director for Maxilla City. She looks forward to seeing more young people join the board for the next exciting phase. We thank Cihan sincerely for her years of hard work.

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