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Maxilla City

Transforming the Maxilla Bays representing the local community in partnership with RBKC

Maxilla City is a constituted community interest company (CIC), based in Kensington and Chelsea, led by local residents (3 out of 5 are young people) with deep rooted relationships and ties within the borough.

With support from RBKC, our aim is to collaboratively transform the Maxilla Bays into a multi-use space that supports the personal and professional development of the youth in our community, whilst providing services to support the needs of the wider community. We want to acknowledge the legacy of its previous incarnation as "Latimer City" and to bring together the ideas from stakeholders in the Maxilla Advisory Group.

The Maxilla Bays are located underneath the Westway flyover in North Kensington and comprise of 3 bays. Maxilla City will  work towards developing bays 17-19, alongside Adult Social Care who will occupy Bay 19, and we will both have use of Bay 18. 

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