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Activating Our Spaces Event

On Thursday 24 June 2021 Maxilla City celebrated the easing of lockdown by inviting local residents to come together with food, fun, kids’ entertainment and lively discussions to collate ideas and feedback for a pioneering local community assessment report. 

Maxilla City’s “Community-Conversation-Celebration” was an enjoyable and inclusive “Open Space” event, so that residents could all contribute their views, perspectives and experience of local services and what is needed. 


Conversations on the day were focused on how circumstances had recently changed for residents and how local services might need to adapt. Guests were encouraged to come at any time, drop in and stay as long as they could. 

Over 200 residents came and the information collected at the event, combined with community research has allowed us to develop a resident led-report. This report was used to inform the council, charities, funders and local partners on what provisions were needed locally as well as how to build on the diverse abilities and assets that are found within North Kensington.

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