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Building Update



There have been severe delays on the redevelopment work to Maxilla Bays 17-19 initially due to Covid. We have also had to spend some time working with Adult Social Care to work out how space could be assigned and used in a flexible, sensible way. However, we are happy to announce that preliminary works (drainage) began in March 2021 thereby securing planning permission. Some rescoping and other preparatory works were finalised in September and subsequently contracts were drawn up and key personnel were procured. The next stage is mapping the detail of the building on a room-by-room basis. It is anticipated that the development and fit-out timetable will take about 18 months. All being well, the centre will be open to the public in early 2024.



Maxilla City created a subcommittee to review and scrutinise the vast and complex information around the proposed development of the Maxilla Bays. We have had several site visits including one with the architects. We have been given important assurances around safety and the learning taken from Grenfell, and we have put some 3 dozen questions to the RBKC property team and their potential sub-contractors. We sat on group meetings with ASC (Adult Social Care) looked at the appointment of space jointly and asked questions around their use of space and staff they expect to have on site. This process was time intensive and took several months. See here a list of answers to the questions we put to a contractor.

We forensically scrutinized the development plans as well as the budget, enlisting pro-bono support from experienced Commercial Managers/ Quantity Surveyors Arcadis. Below is an excerpt from their feedback including a query on 2 cost areas, and the subsequent response from ARK Build. This gives an indication of the exchanges we had and level of detail we sought. Please do get in touch if you want to know more or have any questions.

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